Ingrid Maria Pimsner

Ingrid Maria Pimsner

Ingrid Maria Pimsner is a painter, arts writer, and educator. Her representational oil paintings depict the people, places and things that are closest to her. She is also the founder and current director of The International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory, an artist residency in Romania. In addition, she co-curates the Archive Space Project , a curatorial project founded by Annie Daley in 2010 and originally located in the Crane Arts building in Philadelphia, PA.

All About Black Gesso

Black gesso is a black primer or ground used in art to prepare surfaces for painting. So, when should you use it? Well, it serves several purposes and has unique characteristics that make it useful for specific paintings. In this…

Gesso Substitutes in a Pinch

two square wooden panels on the grass with a paintbrush and a bottle of gesso next to them

Get Creative with Gesso Alternatives If you’re all out, and want to prep a canvas, what is a good substitute for gesso? Answer: white acrylic paint, PVA glue, or chalk paint. Let’s go into each option in detail below. What…